Monday, August 19, 2013

first chippy, exchanges, and a new investigator!

This week was so good! We were able to find a new investigator to teach which was awesome. He's 9 years old and his mum used to be in the church but has asked for her name to be removed. But she wants her son to learn and to get baptised. We've had two really good lessons with him already and the spirit was so strong in the one we had yesterday.  His mum was talking about her memories of going to the temple and of having family home evening with her kids and it was amazing to see the difference in her face as she talked about the gospel.  You could physically see a light in her eyes when she talked about how beautiful the temple was and how she used to teach Primary and take the kids on a walk to the temple.  We're going to have a family home evening with her and her family next week which I'm really excited for!

We also had exchanges this week which was a lot of fun.  I actually went back to Irvine and was with Sister Ryan, one of the sister training leaders over the Paisley and Glasgow zones.  Then her companion, Sister Passey, went to East Kilbride with Sister Ricks.  It was fun going back to Irvine and bumping in to people on the streets than I know. Sister Ryan has been out about 13 months so she's experienced and I learned a lot from her.  We talked to a lot of people on the street and even got some potential investigators! She also took me to get my first chippy (fish n chips) from a take out restaurant.  So good.

Went to my first district meeting last Tuesday which was really good.  Every Tuesday we take a train in to Glasgow and then our whole zone meets at a church where we then break up in to our separate districts.  Our district leader is Elder Parsons and his companion is Elder Lewis (who was in my MTC district).  They are in the Airdrie ward. Then there is Elder Thompson and Elder Phippen and Sister Hulet and Sister Watt who serve in the Motherwell ward.  Glasgow is so cool except really easy to get lost in as we found out last Tuesday when we tried to find the train station after District Meeting.  We were walking around for a long time but on the bright side, being lost was a good excuse to talk to people!

The weather has been crazy this past week! Sunny one minute, pouring rain the next.  I've heard that's common Scottish weather.  We were walking home from church yesterday and it was nice and sunny.  Then the clouds came in and it started to rain.  I have never seen so much rain coming down at once! All my clothes were completely soaked and dripping withing seconds.  Then before we got home, the sun came out and it was warm again.  Ach aye I don't know if I'll ever get used to the weather changes here haha. Funny story: we went out of our flat one morning and saw that it was pouring rain so we went back in to grab our umbrellas.  When we got back outside again it had started raining.  Well at least the weather isn't ever boring here! I've learned the importance of waterproofing everything.

Church yesterday was good but also kind of nerve wracking because I had to give a talk (on fasting) and then do a musical number in Relief Society.  The musical number was fine but the talk was pretty scary because I hadn't had much time to prepare for it.  And one of the speakers had called in sick at the last minute so they asked me to speak for longer if I could.   So I kind of felt like I was rambling the whole time.  Oh well, at least it's good practice for the rest of my mission, being put on the spot! Also, our investigator came to sacrament meeting which was awesome! And plus, one of the less-actives we've been teaching was reactivated yesterday.  He was baptised 3 years ago from yesterday.  He told us how he found the church and it was really cool.  The sister missionaries just went up to him on the bus and invited him to church and then he kept coming! It made me motivated to talk to more people on the bus even though those can be sometimes awkward situtations.

All in all, a great week! Miss you and love you all!
Sister Jackson

P.S. They have these really weird bugs here that our flat has been "infested" with lately.  Not really, but we've seen a lot of them.  They're called Jenny long-legs and they're like daddy long-legs except they have wings and fly. 

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