Thursday, May 2, 2013

My First Day

 Here is Sister Jackson's first email--her safe arrival!
Hi everybody! I just wanted to let you know that I got to the MTC safely here in Preston! Our flights went well (although really long).  We had a 4 hour flight from SLC to Atlanta and then a 4 hour layover.  I met up with about 7 other elders and 4 other sisters there.  Tell Devin that we did eat at Panda Express in the Atlanta airport, just like him:) Most of them are serving in the Birmingham, England mission but everyone is really nice.  Then we flew from Atlanta to Manchester which was an 8 hour flight.  But that one was better because they fed us real food:). I also sat next to a nice man named Richard from England.  Everyone has the coolest accents! The bad thing was I couldn't sleep that much so I'm doing fine now but it might hit me later. 
We just drove from the airport to the MTC. It might sound funny, but all the words and names here just sound happy.  In the airport they call the carts "trolleys" and the conveyor belts where you get your luggage was called "carousels".  The town names on signs we saw driving to the MTC were ones like Wigan, Chorley, Manchester--I had to say them all out loud becuase they were just so fun to say!  Also, the cars here are really cute-small, bright colors.  All the houses are bright colors or else red brick as well.  There are a lot of old cemetaries, churches, and buildings.  Everything is so beautiful! It's sunny (so far) and very green here.
Right now we're meeting with the MTC president and getting settled in.  I'm going to go eat lunch now, then I'm going to go play volleyball with some other sisters.  I'll get my first companion at 6:00 tonight.
I love you all! Can't wait to hear from you!
Sister Jackson

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