Monday, July 15, 2013

July 8

This week has been great! In large part because of the weather. We're in a heat wave right now as they call it. It should get up to 28 degrees this week (which is really hot for Scotland) and be sunny for the next 10 days! So that's awesome.
It amazes me every day how much Scottish people can talk haha. We stopped a man the other day on the street and he was super nice but he was blethering to us for over an hour! I love talking to people here but sometimes I wonder how they breathe with talking that much nonstop:)
For the Fourth of July we had a barbecue (indoor) and we ate American food which was awesome! We had beef burgers, potato salad, and apple pie. And we've been singing the patriotic hymns this week in our companionship study.
We got a new district this week since 3 of the elders in it went home. We now have 5 sisters and 2 elders in our district. But it's a lot of fun and everyone gets along great!
One miracle this past week. We were talking to people on the street and as we were walking towards this man on the street I felt like I should talk to him. I almost didn't but I'm really glad I did because we found out his brother has been meeting with the elders in our district. When we talked to him about the Book of Mormon he actually said, "oh my brother has one of those. He won't let me see it because he's always reading it but I'd like to have one." It was awesome! He gave us his address for us to come by sometime this week.
Another miracle: An investigator accepted a date to be baptised! She's been meeting with missionaries for years but she finally agreed to a baptismal date on August 4th. This was a testimony builder to me that we can't give up on people and we have to be persistent because you never know what can happen! We had done a zone fast this Sunday that every companionship would have an investigator with a baptismal date going in to August and it was a miracle to see this happen for us so quickly.
We took the train to Ayr yesterday for the mission president broadcast and it made me laugh when I looked out the window and saw a bunch of steeples. It reminded me of seeing all the steeples back home of all the church buildings in Utah. Except the ones we saw were castles. But it still made my day:)
Everything is going great and the work is really progressing here!
Sister Jackson

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