Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week of Firsts!

Hiya everyone!
This week was great in that we had a lot of wee miracles happen.  Me and Sister Ricks had prayed specifically that one of our investigators would make significant progress this week and it happened! We asked someone (who's been investigating the church for a couple years now) about baptism (again) and he said that he felt good about baptism in December.  Even though this wasn't as soon as we would have liked it's a huge step for him since he has been going back and forth between wanting to be baptised.  He also has been doing really good at trying to quit smoking and he hasn't smoked since last Tuesday!  This was a testimony builder to me that the Lord answers our prayers when we pray in faith and believe that He will answer. 

Another miracle happened last week after email time actually.  As we were leaving this man came up who had been investigating the church before and talked about wanting to come to the FHE we do on Monday nights and also get taught again.  This was really exciting for us!

This week was a lot of firsts for me, specifically in regards to food.  I had mince and dough balls for the first time which is a really common Scottish dish.  I really liked the dough balls even though Sister Ricks wasn't too keen on them.  I also had Mexican food for the first time on my mission--and it was SO good! We found a Mexican restaurant (the only one I've seen) in Glasgow after district meeting.  A member also took us out to eat for Chinese and I almost laughed out loud when they brought my food out with chips on the side.  First time eating chinese food with chips (french fries)! Have to admit it looked weird and tasted weird haha.  Also tried haggis for the first time! It wasn't proper haggis unfortunately (or fortunately) because it wasn't encased in the lining of a sheep's stomach and I have to admit, I was alright with that.  It wasn't too bad actually.  Tasted very similar to black pudding--kind of a spicy sausage taste.  Oh and I made lentil soup for the first time (which is super popular here) so I was quite chuffed with myself over that:)

Also, I chapped a castle door for the first time! We went and saw the Rowallan castle last week for Pday which was amazing!

Funny story: This man came up to us on the street and started talking to us like he knew us even though we'd never seen him before.  He talked about how he was reading the Bible again and started going off about this "Book of Georgia" he'd read that was all about Mary and Joseph apparently.  It was pretty funny:)

Another funny story: There was this big YSA talent show they held in Glasgow and me and Sister Ricks were planning on doing something.  I was going to play my viola and she was going to play the piano.  So I brought my viola with me everywhere to all our appointments since we wouldn't have had time to go back and get it and when we got to the talent show they already had all the acts planned and there ended up not being enough time for us to play.  I was fine with this but then when we left to travel back to East Kilbride, our train was cancelled and we got the wrong bus so we didn't get in to East Kilbride until later than curfew.  So we were both nervous and accidentally got off on the wrong stop so we ended up having to run back to our flat to try and get in as soon as possible.  The viola was definitely not that fun to have around at that point.  We were exhausted when we finally got back!

Great week! Love you and miss you all!

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