Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Great week! Last Monday we went in to Glasgow again and saw the Glasgow Art Gallery and Glasgow University.  They were both amazing! They even had some works by Picasso and Monet in the art gallery and they had a whole exhibit on the history of Scotland which was really cool to see. Learned a lot about where tartan came from. Unfortunately we got lost in Glasgow for a while trying to find the train station but a nice lady on the bus directed us where to go.
We met the Elders who will now be serving with us in the East Kilbride ward and they're really great.  There's Elder Cziesla and Elder Shubin. Elder Cziesla is our new district leader. He's from Switzerland and had to learn English over here so sometimes he's kind of hard to understand but he's really funny.  Elder Shubin is from Colorado but actually moved to Alpine, UT two months before coming out.  He is a new missionary so it's his first week here.
I learned how to make mince, tatties, and dough balls which I was super excited about--I now know how to make a really authentic Scottish meal! Also, I've found out that I really like cabbage and you eat it a lot here!
Our investigator came to church yesterday which we were super happy about! She tells us she wants to be baptised but it's just finding out when would be a good time that's the hard part.  Her husband isn't a member or interested in learning so that's what's tricky.  But she's going to London for the week and she texted us last night when she was at the airport and said that she had forgotten her Book of Mormon but then she realised she could get it on her iPad so she was happy about that and told us how she could read it on the plane and at night! That made our day:)
We also had a really good lesson with this less active family.  I brought my viola and Sister Ricks played the piano and we played some hymns for them.  They really appreciated it because the mom has had a lot of health problems (cancer, broken bones, etc.) so she hasn't been able to come out to church for a long time.  But she's doing a lot better. Her son takes care of her and he said that he wants to come back to church so hopefully we see them there soon!
The weather was milder today so we really appreciated that.  It's been really humid and grey skies every day but not much rain yet!
We're going to play football (soccer) for Pday with our district so I'm excited for that.
Love you and miss you all!
Sister Jackson

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