Monday, October 7, 2013

Exhausting but awesome week!

Hiya everyone!
This week was pretty tiring because I don't think I ever realise how much work moving is until actually doing it.  We had to move out of our old flat and into our new flat all in one morning and we were so tired afterwards! Then right after that we went and helped our investigator, Scott's mum clean her flat because she's moving.  Haha it was a long day but we were also really grateful for all of the help we got from our bishop and his wife, the Elders, and a few other members in the ward.  Our new flat is really nice and the location is especially neat.  It's in the original part of East Kilbride so it's really in an old Scottish village with cobblestone streets, and lots of wee stores and pubs.  We live right above a bridal store which I thought was kind of funny for a few reasons haha.  We have a big kitchen and even have a washer/dryer (a washing machine that dries as well) so we feel really blessed. 
A few miracles regarding our investigators: We're going to have a birthday dinner/party for Sister Ricks this Thursday at the Bishop's house (they're making Mexican food!) and our investigator is coming to that which we are really excited about! We were also really disappointed last Friday because our other investigator told us last minute that he wasn't going to come to General Conference, that he had already made up his mind.  But then we heard yesterday from a mutual friend that he had changed his mind and wanted to learn again.  So we don't want to get our hopes up but that was definitely a miracle and we're praying for the best! 
General Conference was amazing yesterday even though it was also a miracle that we were able to see it! We got a bus at11:15 am and it started at 1 so we should have had plenty of time but we didn't know that there was a marathon in Glasgow going on that day so the traffic was insane! We were basically at a stand still for most of the trip.  We were really worried because we couldn't tell where we were since the bus was taking an altered route but luckily, the bus eventually took us by the stake center where we needed to go! We ended up missing the first half hour of the session but it could have been a lot worse.  Between the sessions from 3 to 5 we went street contacting in Glasgow and that was a lot of fun! We even met a man named Fraser that accepted a Book of Mormon and when we invited him to go to General Conference with us he said he would go if he wasn't on his way to another thing.  But he gave us his number and we were able to set up an appointment with him and he said he would come to church next week!
New address:
15d Main Street
The Village
East Kilbride
G74 4JH
*If you're going to send a letter though it's best to send it to the mission home address:
51 Spylaw Road
EH10 5BP
United Kingdom
Thanks for all the support! Love you all!
Sister Jackson

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