Sunday, October 6, 2013


Sorry that this email will be super short but due to a holiday yesterday where the library was closed and a missed train today from Glasgow after District meeting I only have about 20 minutes for email. Oops!
Here's a quick update on what happened this week.  On Wednesday we had exchanges with the Sister Training leaders again and surprisingly I went back to Irvine with Sister Passey.  So I went home with my mission mom haha.  It was cool to see familiar faces again. 
We're moving flats tomorrow morning.  We're moving to Main Street in the Village which is the original area of East Kilbride.  So it's supposed to be a nicer flat but the bad thing is it will be super noisy on the weekends because it's right next to a lot of shops and pubs.  Oh well, we're excited though! To distinguish us from the Elders we were asked to pick a new name that would be approved by the zone leaders.  So the Elders are now the East Kilbride elders and we will be known as The Village sisters.  Haha I thought it sounded pretty cool!
Yesterday was really sad though.  It was probably one of the hardest days on my mission.  Our investigator with a baptismal date in December dropped us.  We were so sad because he's been investigating for over 2 years and he was doing so, so good the past couple of weeks and he said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is true but he feels like God has called him to another path.  We were devastated and nothing we said could make him change his mind.  But finally at the end we felt like we should just bear our testimonies and then I felt like we should extend one last commitment to him so I asked him to not make his decision until after General Conference.  I told him to have his question about whether or not he should keep investigating in his mind and pray about it and that he would find an answer in General Conference.  It was a miracle but he said that he would! We are going to be praying SO hard this next week going in to General Conference. 
Anyway, have to go but just know I love you all and miss you and thank you so much for your emails!!
Sister Jackson

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